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You can now play the first ten hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda free

Mass Effect: Andromeda review

Previously exclusive to Origin Access subscribers, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s trial is now free to all, on all platforms.

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The trial terminates after ten hours of gameplay, or at the entrance to the vault on Eos, whichever you hit first. You’ll also have access to the multiplayer mode. It’s a reasonably full trial, but it must be said that the start of the game does not show it at its best.

Still, if you were curious about Andromeda but put off by the underwhelmed critical reception (and outright negative community one), then it’s a free chance to take a look.

Head here to get involved – you’ll need an Origin Account, but that doesn’t cost you anything.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is in a weird kind of limbo right now. It’s still getting patches and multiplayer content, but there’s been no word on single-player DLC. Given that Mass Effect 2 and 3 had a ton of that, it’s a pretty safe assumption that it was in EA’s initial plans for the game, but it seems they've reconsidered any such plans given its reception.

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JTP1 avatarJac Atax avatar
JTP1 Avatar
11 Months ago

I have to say that it deserved what it got. Just my opinion though. I buy bioware games for the story, characters and dialog, not the combat or open world mechanics. Story and characters is what I fell in love with in the OT and the first two DA games. Andromeda goes the opposite direction and places focus on the open world and combat. They did the same with DAI only, DAI didn't feel as rushed as MEA.

In most decently written reviews that I have read that may be seen as unflattering, most of them mention story and characters as being weak compared to the OT.

I have played the original OT roughly 12 times and have played MEA once and that will never change. The game has it's moments, but they are so few and far between that I can't bring myself to listen to the campy dialog again. When I first started playing it, I hoped that it would get better and it does in some spots, but then comes crashing back down towards the end. I'm convinced that Bioware doesn't know how to do an open world, single player RPG. They focus more on the open world aspect and combat at the detriment of what made they famous in the first place.

Jac Atax Avatar
11 Months ago

Spend the 10 hours in multiplayer, that way you get to avoid the terrible dialogue the annoying crew and just play what the devs spent most of their effort on, trying to revive a team while being constantly precision sniped