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"The future of Mass Effect is really bright," say BioWare on 10th anniversary

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Yesterday was N7 Day - the annual celebration of EA's space opera, Mass Effect - and it marked almost ten years since the original game was released on November 16, 2007. Accordingly, the Mass Effect website is in a nostalgic mood.

The Mass Effect series have given us some of the best RPGs on PC.

The BioWare Base YouTube channel has uploaded a heartening video celebrating Mass Effect's creation, community, and ethos. It's well worth a watch, featuring comments from Shepard’s voice actors Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer; content creators such as BioFan; and developers such as BioWare general manager Casey Hudson, senior creative director Preston Watamaniuk, and lead writer Cathleen Rootsaert.

There are insights into the original trilogy's conception, the creation of its splendid lore, and what it means to its fans. 

On the Mass Effect website, you can relive the series's famous tough decisions through the Mass Effect Archives, and check out the schedules of a number of streamers who are planning playthroughs.

Toward the end of that video, a dev says "the future of Mass Effect, I think, is really bright - people just want to know more about this place, and these characters."

That's an, er, interesting prognosis. Mass Effect news has not been positive lately: Andromeda will not be getting any single-player DLC and the franchise as a whole has been put on hiatus, with the original trilogy's team working on Anthem and Andromeda's team having been moved onto other projects. Mass Effect remains a rich and beloved IP like few others in gaming, however, so perhaps we can take this comment as a hint that its hiatus is only temporary and another game is being brainstormed.

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Premchand avatarQDP2 avatar
Premchand Avatar
8 Months ago

I believe EA will shut down Bioware next if Anthem doesn't do well.. and if it does do well.. we will never see Mass Effect again but only Anthem DLC and sequels

QDP2 Avatar
8 Months ago

Was it just me, or was this the smallest N7 event since Mass Effect 3 released back in '12? Each year since then there've been a set of livestreams building up to the event. Postings on social media. Comments about DLCs, notes on characters, and clips of ME:A in the later sessions.

This time N7 passed and I didn't even realise it was ME day. Wasn't until a live-stream was happening the day after the event that it even reached me. These comments from development teams feel more like they're filling text out of necessity than they are achieving progress internally.