Capcom shares drop 13% one day after Monster Hunter: World gets PC release date | PCGamesN

Capcom shares drop 13% one day after Monster Hunter: World gets PC release date

Monster Hunter: World weapons guide

Capcom's stock dropped 12.9% yesterday after Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BoAML) downgraded its rating of the publisher from 'neutral' to 'underperfom'. Their rationale for doing so was a "significant risk of sales decline" for Monster Hunter: World which, having been out on console since January, is finally coming to PC on August 9.

In a report, analysts for BoAML say "although cumulative sales volume is growing steadily, we get the impression the popularity of Monster Hunter is dying down six months after its release", citing sluggish sales in the last few weeks in particular. 

Obviously we're biased, but it seems premature to forecast the decline of Monster Hunter: World when we've been expecting an autumn release on PC for months now. With this prediction having been announced just a day after Capcom moved that release forward to August 9, it's possible Capcom knew about it and took remedial action.

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The news comes in the Financial Times via Variety. In its press release announcing the PC date, Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter: World is the best-selling game in its history, with "over eight million units" shipped on console as of this month. And yet as Variety reports, sales of 7.9 million were confirmed in May, and 7.5 million in March, so it does seem that its January console launch set a blistering pace that has tailed off in a big way.

But perhaps there's a large PC audience that has simply been waiting? If August gives Monster Hunter: World a massive boost, which it will, it will be only the latest of many lessons in the importance of PC as a platform. Lessons which it seems some analysts have, sadly, still to learn.

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Araneatrox avatarAggressive Zone avatarQDP2 avatarMadMarchHare avatarEmpyre avatarerrmoop0 avatar
Araneatrox Avatar
1 Week ago

And here i thought it was because they announced it with Denurvo.

Aggressive Zone Avatar
1 Week ago

PC Audience

Aka All the nintendo fans that they gained over time with MH3 4 and Gen!!!

We have no MHW for switch thus pc is our only option..

Cuss most nintendo fans also often play pc

Thus MH Worlds will trive also on pc no doubt about it

QDP2 Avatar
1 Week ago

With world coming to PC and GenUltimate coming on Switch I find it hard to believe sales will be bad these coming months. World is currently sat at the top of current global sales on Steam.

MadMarchHare Avatar
1 Week ago

If anything a pc release will rejuvenate sales some what. Of course there will be a decline for a game six months old. Most of the folks that were excited about it probably already bought it.

Empyre Avatar
1 Week ago

Maybe it is because they are lauching it with a £50 price tag.

errmoop0 Avatar
1 Week ago


Me and a friend have been holding out on all the new content post launch, and most of the end game content just so we can enjoy it more on pc with the rest of the crew.

And nevermind the mere 6 months or so we've been waiting for the MHW PC release, I've been waiting for a MH game to see a PC release for nearly a decade now.