No Man's Sky was one of Steam's bestselling games of 2016

No Man's Sky sales

There was a lot of noise around the release of No Man’s Sky in August, but given how much of that was negative, it was hard to tell just how well is was doing in the sales department. Now, however, as the smoke clears, it’s become apparent that NMS is among the biggest hitters of the past year.

Sales aside, here are the very best games of 2016.

Steam is currently holding a sale of the top 100 best sellers of 2016. That’s not only good news for those of us who like good games, but also a rare and illuminating look down the money chute. Although Valve haven’t gone so far as to reveal sales data, they have divided the chart into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum - the latter presumably containing the fattest money-makers of 2016.

Placement is measured by gross revenue - which means a free-to-play game like Dota 2 can sit in the Platinum section alongside Rocket League, XCOM 2, CS:GO (still going strong with over 25 million copies shifted), Civ VI, GTA V, The Division, Dark Souls 3, Total War: Warhammer, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and, of course, No Man’s Sky.

Lower down the page, it’s reassuring to see the likes of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Watch Dogs 2 and Battlefleet Gothic: Armada weren’t overshadowed in a particular busy year for PC games. What are you most surprised - or relieved - to see make the list?

War Thunder
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PaperPetrolium avatarGiliador avatarLachlan avatar
PaperPetrolium Avatar
5 Months ago

That's not including all the refunds.

Giliador Avatar
5 Months ago

Sadly it include all the people that would like to get refunds but couldn't

Lachlan Avatar
5 Months ago

Let's see how much money their next game makes