The new 4K G-Sync HDR monitors are available to pre-order now… for over $3,000 | PCGamesN

The new 4K G-Sync HDR monitors are available to pre-order now… for over $3,000

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ

Some European retailers are starting to take pre-orders of the new 4K G-Sync HDR gaming monitors from Asus and Acer, making their April release ever more likely. As expected, however, they’re not going to come cheap, with pre-order pricing topping $3,000. Eek.

Looks like most of us won’t be able to afford a G-Sync HDR panel, but here are the best gaming monitors you might actually be able to buy.

We’ve been demoed, and had hands-on time, with Asus and Acer’s G-Sync HDR monitors since CES last January, but they’ve taken their own sweet time releasing them to the public. But with pre-orders now live it won’t be long before you can auction off your first-born child and buy one yourself.

The problem has been that the AU Optronics IPS-a-like AHVA HDR panels (ooh, I do like a good acronym...) didn’t go into genuine production until December of 2017, at the earliest. So all the G-Sync HDR screens we have seen have just been built using prototype panels. Generally good prototype panels, but still not mass production screens.

And, because they’re brand new, high performance displays, they’re not cheap. The current listings for the Asus ROG PG27UQ have it starting at €2,442 ($3,022 / £2,129) and going up to €2,919 ($3,613 / £2,545), while the Acer Predator X27 has appeared on Komplett in Denmark for 18,495DKK ($3,073 / £2,164).

Acer Predator XB272-HDR

That does seem a little expensive, and we've reached out to Asus for clarification on that, but it’s not just the panel costs bumping up the price.

These 3840 x 2160 gaming monitors also feature 384-zone LED backlighting to be able to achieve the level of contrast necessary for quality HDR, as well as a peak luminance of around 1,000cd/m2. And then you’ve got the cost of the new Nvidia G-Sync HDR scalar hardware necessary for the displays to deliver on the GeForce tech to factor in too.

They may well be absolutely stunning displays when they finally do launch, but it’s going to be a while before the technology becomes in any way viable for the vast majority of us. Here’s hoping Asus and Acer give us some more affordable FreeSync 2 HDR screens with the same panel soon enough.

Acer Predator BFGD

And just imagine how expensive the Big F**mat Gaming Displays are going to be when they launch...

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danman Avatar
1 Week ago

If 60Hz and no G-Sync is ok for you, you can have a Dell UltraSharp UP2718Q for "only" 1500 €. Another 700€ just for 144Hz and G-Sync doesn't seem appropriate to me.