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Oculus Rift and Touch get $200 price reduction, now $598 for the bundle

Oculus VR ecosystem

One of the biggest barriers to entry in VR is the price. Luckily, Oculus and Facebook have just lowered that barrier a bit, and are now offering Oculus and Touch controller bundles for $598.

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This makes it significantly cheaper than the HTC Vive, which is priced at $799. Considering it was previously $600 for just the Rift, with the Touch controllers costing $199, it’s a decent drop in price. 

Oculus say this is possible because they’ve managed to bring down development costs significantly.

On Monday we spoke with Justin Rubin of Oculus about their ecosystem and what the future of VR looked like for them and he explained how price was a much bigger factor for the growth of virtual reality than improved hardware.

“Right now consumers aren’t saying ‘yeah, I’m waiting for wireless for VR’ what they’re saying is ‘I love it! Can you bring you bring it down to a price that I can stomach?’” Rubin told us. “So for us that’s the most important thing for us to do.”

If you want to pick up the headset on its own, it will now be $499, while the Touch controllers a $99. For room-scale VR like the Vive, an extra room sensor will set you back $59. 

Oculus Touch now$100 cheaper

“Today’s new, lower price of Rift and Touch doubles down on a year of dropping PC and graphics card prices,” Rubin says in a blog post on the state of the VR market. “It costs 30% less for someone to walk into a store and outfit a complete high end PC VR experience, including desktop PC, Rift, and Touch, than it did just a year ago when we launched Rift.”

The new pricing will also translate into the UK too, with prices on Dollar parity compared to the US at £598 for the Rift and Touch controller bundle and £99 for the Touch controllers alone.

It’s been a good week for price cuts, with the GTX 1080 getting a $100 drop to $499 and the new Titan-killing GTX 1080 Ti coming out at just $699 (£699).

And, to top it off, Robo Recall is launching for free. A skill-based shooter where you fight off waves of robots - it looks like Oculus Rift’s killer app.

Heavily based on Epic’s Bullet Train demo, you can slow down time to dodge bullets, get up in robot’s grills and beat them to death with their own arms, and stylishly scrap any droids you come across.

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QDP2 avatarDave James avatarg.poubelle avatar
QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

Here's Oculus's attempt to bring back customers after all the problems. Stolen software, DRM and headset-locked software on the Oculus store. With Valve's domination in the market thanks to room-scale VR, I wonder how long it'll take for Facebook to admit they backed the wrong side, and start to cut funding towards future Rifts. Currently it seems like they spent so much to buy Oculus, they don't want to admit loss yet.

Dave James Avatar
1 Year ago

I also wouldn't guarantee HTC's Vive will be king for too long either. With LG releasing a technologically identical HMD, though potentially with a slightly higher res screen and more comfortable fit, there's serious competition out there. Especially if LG price competively.

g.poubelle Avatar
1 Year ago

Room scale VR just dropped to 657$ :)