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Overwatch was developed with integrated graphics-users in mind

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Sure, Overwatch might not be the kind of game that you need to rebuild your rig from the ground up for in order to achieve solid framerates on Ultra, but we never once considered how well it would run on an ultrabook. It seems to have had an impact too, as 22 percent of Overwatch’s PC player base run the  game on Intel integrated graphics - the kind you’d find in an ultrabook rather than a tower.

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While playing Overwatch on an ultrabook isn’t quite the same experience as it is with a high-end GPU, it does run surprisingly well on low-spec hardware. Blizzard’s senior software engineer Ryan Greene said at GDC 2017 that this was always Blizzard's intention, “Blizzard historically supports a very large number of players. It's just something we work towards and always has good benefits."

By building the engine for Overwatch from scratch, Blizzard were able to ensure that minimum-spec players would be able to run the game as well. Of course, Greene had to get his team excited about building a game with low-spec rigs in mind. "Not everybody was excited at first, but as we got going on it, people really felt the value in it," Greene explained.

It might lack any of sheen and shine of the Overwatch most of us recognise, but the fact that you can still run the game at 30fps on an Intel integrated graphics unit has likely contributed to the incredible success of Blizzard’s latest IP.

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HersheySquirtle Avatar
1 Year ago

When I'm away from my home desktop, I play Overwatch on my MacBook Air or my XPS 13. I have to drop everything to minimum and lower the render scale, but it does run at a playable framerate.

Deadite Avatar
1 Year ago

Which should suprise absolutely no one since this is how Blizzard have always made their games since the rise of 3D graphics. Taking a good aesthetic and good framerate over cutting edge graphics combined with nicking the best bits of other games and then putting it in a package that is easily accessable to as many people as posible lead to their massive popularity. Fortunately you don't need originality to be successful.

Aever Avatar
1 Year ago

The price is that most of their games look like cartoons. Depending on personal preference this might or might not be a problem. For me personally it is, I've always hated Blizzard for using that kind of aesthetics in games with great mechanical depth. Basically, I like their games, but hate their graphics.