New York Excelsior: Overwatch League's Big Apple

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New York Excelsior are the team representing NYC in the Atlantic Division of the Overwatch League. They’ll be playing in the very first season, and are one of five teams from North America. Here’s everything we know about them. 

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New York Excelsior team information

  • Owners: Jeff Wilpon
    • Jeff Wilpon is the COO of baseball team The New York Mets, and executive vice-president of Sterling Equities, a real estate company. Thus, New York Excelsior marks Wilpon’s first expansion into esports. 
  • Division: Atlantic
  • Social links: 
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

New York Excelsior roster

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Excelsior’s roster is made up exclusively of South Korean players, including almost the entirety of the Korea-based LW Blue Overwatch team. 

  • Jong-yeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park, DPS, South Korea
  • Do-hyun ‘Pine’ Kim, DPS, South Korea
  • Hye-sung ‘Libero’ Kim, DPS/Flex, South Korea
  • Tae-hong ‘Mek0’ Kim, Flex, South Korea
  • Jun-hwa ‘Janus’ Song, Tank, South Korea
  • Dong-gyu ‘Mano’ Kim, Tank, South Korea
  • Sung-hyeon ‘JjoNak’ Bang, Support, South Korea
  • Yeon-joon ‘ArK’ Hong, Support, South Korea

In addition to the players, South Korean coaches Hyeong-seok ‘WizardHyeong’ Kim and Hyeon-sang ‘Pavane’ Yu will be part of the team, plus American assistant coach Andrew Kim. Scott ‘BEARHANDS’ Tester acts as the team’s director of player personnel.  

New York Excelsior skins

New York Excelsior skins

Mimicking the United States flag, NYXL’s skins use a red, white, and blue colour scheme. Here's their jersey and t-shirt:

Like all team jerseys and t-shirts, these are purchasable on the Blizzard gear store.

New York Excelsior schedule


Excelsior's Korean roster wasn't enough to give them an undefeated record in preseason, though their only loss came to Seoul Dynasty, so it's understandable. They beat rivals Boston Uprising 3-1, then took a game off Dynasty before falling 3-1 themselves. This is about what would be expected, and the match against Dynasty represents the first time two favourites have clashed head to head. They'll meet again in Excelsior's sixth match of the main event, and what should be their first real challenge - if they aren't 5-0 going in, they maybe disappointed.

Season One - Stage One

Stage one title matches will be the following week on Saturday, February 10 at 20:00 or 22:00 EST - likely the earlier slot as that is the purpose of the Atlantic Division.

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