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Overwatch League pre-emptively suspends all players "just in case"

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Blizzard Entertainment has taken the extraordinary step of suspending all players from the scandal-plagued Overwatch League until further notice.

The decision follows a string of high-profile suspensions where Overwatch League players have been caught illegally account boosting, making racist or homophobic remarks on stream, or making sexual advances towards underage fans.

An Overwatch League representative says the ban is necessary to protect the Overwatch image, and also to save them the headache of sorting through every player’s stream logs to find a racist remark.

“Look, odds are good that there’s something in there that breaches the code of conduct,” they explain. “You would do the same thing.

“It’s upsetting so see so much unacceptable conduct from our players, but we have to ask ourselves – is it fair to take extremely young people who are barely old enough to leave school, separate them from their families and loved ones, and then lock them into a draconian contract which places them in the public spotlight under immense pressure to maintain a perfect image at all times?”

The junket falls into silience.

“Anyway, they’re suspended,” they add after a short pause. “Next question.”

The move has been met with some backlash by Overwatch League players, who say it’s not reasonable to target them when they haven’t even done anything wrong.

“It’s crazy to make a big decision like this without any evidence,” confides one player, who wishes to stay anonymous. “It’s just like how we all have to take vaccines, even though there’s no evidence that they are safe.”

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Emperor of Cats avatarjohn.pizza avatarXerkics avatarPointNClickDeezNutz avatarRasenka avatar
Emperor of Cats Avatar
3 Months ago

Brainless sheep - “It’s just like how we all have to take vaccines, even though there’s no evidence that they are safe.”

Everyone else in the world - "Besides the fact you don't have Polio?"

john.pizza Avatar
3 Months ago

I'm sorry, I just don't find this segment funny. It's just confusing when I see it in my news aggregator.

Xerkics Avatar
3 Months ago

that was actually pretty believable to be fair considering .

PointNClickDeezNutz Avatar
3 Months ago

Seriously, made this account just to mention that these articles kinda suck. I get the point of PointAndClick, I don't mind the genre it's shooting for, but it doesn't need to be in the middle of this site's newsfeed. There's enough Sponsored BS in there enough anyways.

Rasenka Avatar
3 Months ago

The moronic vaccine quote kinda tells how much time these players have to develop their brains outside of clicking on a screen. This whole thing is kinda fucked up.