Overwatch picks up musician character Lúcio, and two new maps at Gamescom

Overwatch Lucio

Update: who likes video? You do! We've embedded Lúcio's intro and move set below, along with the showcase of the two new maps.

During Blizzard’s packed Gamescom press conference, the developer revealed some more elements of their already heaving multiplayer shooter. Adding to the massive character roster is Lúcio, a Brazilian musician, and two new maps have been added to the game’s selection of battle arenas. 

Lúcio is Overwatch’s answer to a bard class, supports his comrades by using his musical talents to heal them and boost their speed.

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The new maps are Numbani, an African city where omnics and humans live together in peace, where players must escort Doom Fist’s gauntlet to the Numbani Heritage Museum. And on Volskaya Industries, a Russian manufacturing center near Siberia where the hostility between humans and omnics remains strong, opposing teams battle over control of the map by capturing or defending critical objectives.

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Deadite avatar
Deadite Avatar
2 Years ago

I like shooters and I like Blizzard games but I can't seem to get excited by Overwatch at all. I don't know if it's the art style or what. I just think Bliz could be making something far more interesting than this generic looking game. I suppose it could be worse they could be making mobile games.