Overwatch This episode 23: Ana nerfs, Sombra buffs and $15 million teams

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With a market price of $15,000,000, the latest episode of Overwatch This has arrived. A poorly Phil and a dragoned Ben talk through all the news from the past seven days, and a little on eSports.

Have a look at the next update in depth with Overwatch patch 1.9.

Ready to become the Bath Spa Bastions of discussion this week is:

  • Patch 1.9's development cycle took a turn for the buffs and nerfs last week, with large changes to Ana and Sombra particularly.
  • But why not Lucio?
  • Zenyatta, Winston and Junkrat also received interesting quality of life changes.
  • Overwatch eSports is much more watchable than a few months ago...
  • ...but are those Overwatch League prices for real?

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