Here's Palmer Luckey wearing a bikini top and tights cosplaying as MGSV's Quiet | PCGamesN

Here's Palmer Luckey wearing a bikini top and tights cosplaying as MGSV's Quiet

Palmer Luckey Quiet cosplay

Palmer Luckey's not had the best year. He doesn't work at Facebook / Oculus any more. Nobody's particularly happy about the things he was choosing to do with his money. However, life is about finding joy wherever you can and Luckey is doing so in Japan, dressed as MGSV's Quiet. Honestly, he's sort've killing it.

If he's got you in the mood, here are the best sex games on PC.

Pictures are spreading around Twitter at a rate of knots as various folks that recognise the Time-feature tech-man post what they've found. Here's the first set we saw:

Particularly impressive tight-detailing, we thought. Probably a bit cold.

Meanwhile Luckey's also been enjoying the best 4K experiences life can offer:

And he's more than happy to pose for photos:

More pictures of millionaires in bikinis as they break.

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g.poubelle Avatar
1 Year ago

Cosplaying as Quiet after he was forced into silence for so long, you have to admire the sense of humor.

I guess he's not the kind of guy who's going to drop into depression over a Facebook takeover.

And yes that's Unity-chan (Unity's mascot) he's posing as : If it wasn't for Facebook ascepticizing the Oculus Store's content, it would probably be filled with more wacky Japanese craziness, as things used to be back in the pre-Facebook days :)

Here's a link to Unity-chan's CV1 demo by the way :

- YouTube video :

- CV1 executable (3 girl version) :

Kary Avatar
1 Year ago

the cosplay is for all people , mostly of fans just came looking "boobs" or "fake smiles of girls" but please the cosplay is for anyone who love make their fav character :D and clap for that

g.poubelle Avatar
1 Year ago

In this case what they found is "tits" or "fake boobs of guy" :)

Palmer Luckey had already complimented Japan on it's VR creativity back in the DK2 days...

I wish he was still in charge of Oculus VR, creating things like the "Rock Band VR connector", delivering the official first CV1 in person, growing his company and VR through partnerships (Samsung...) and welcoming the competition to push VR forward...

Instead we have Facebook working in secrecy, closing down Oculus Story Studios and absorbing partners on it's way to conquering VR for itself, while HTV Vive continues to openly push VR forward through innovative partnerships (eye tracking, wireless, Vive Tracker...) by itself.

I'm not sure the CV1 would have allowed to run anything outside the closed walls of the Oculus Store if it wasn't for the open mindedness of Palmer Luckey, and even less sure the CV2 will in the future now that he was removed from it.

SkankwOn Avatar
1 Year ago

Why? Why did I click on this?!

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

Imagine how I feel after writing it.