Path of Exile 2.1.0 is on its way, introducing new leagues, items and skills

Path of Exile 2.1.0 is on its way, introducing new leagues, items and skills

Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games’ broody F2P action-RPG, is due an update, launching next month. The update, 2.1.0, will introduce new challenge leagues, skills and balance changes among other things.

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Update 2.1.0 introduces hardcore and regular self-contained Talisman challenge leagues featuring special, corrupted monsters that have been possessed by the aforementioned Talismans. Defeat them, and other monsters will try to claim the Talisman, but you might be able to get there first. 

Talismans can’t be crafted, and they’ve got powerful mods that boost abilities, making them more desirable than regular old amulets. They can be sacrificed, too, summoning a monster possessed by a Talisman from the next tier. Sacrifice 5 tier 3 Talismans, and you’ll be able fight Rigwald, the Wolven King. He’s a tough fella, but also the source of substantial prizes. 

Eight new skill gems and four new support gems will also be slotted into the game, with Grinding Gear’s goal being to improve existing builds and also inspire some completely new ones. Bow users will get three new skills, too. On top of this, expect new spells, balance changes and unique items. 

This is all coming on December 11th. 

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brmorgen82 avatarRalligaator avatar
brmorgen82 Avatar
brmorgen82(38 days 18 hours played)
2 Years ago

Stop it. Just stop. We need NEW LEVELS. I understand the endgame has their makeshift levels, but we need another chapter with new bosses and new levels already.

I am the biggest poe fan there is but this nonsense has to stop. No more extra features until you add levels and bosses, we're all tired of the same 3 acts.

Ralligaator Avatar
2 Years ago

There are 4 acts at the moment.