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Aliens gets reimagined as a Planet Coaster ride, with spectacular results

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The Aliens series - parts of it, anyway - makes up some of the most classic bits of horror and action in the sci-fi canon. Planet Coaster lets you build your own theme park rides. I think you see where this is going.

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Yes, someone has retold the Alien story in the form of a theme park attraction all built inside Planet Coaster. The creator (Hin Nya on YouTube) has uploaded a full video runthrough of the ride, and it’s a sight to behold. Xenomorphs, violence, explosions, space exploration, and honestly more impressive design work than anything I remember from the last time I went to Universal Studios.

The Xenomorph Queen is - rightly - the most impressive part of the presentation, but the whole thing is an impressive journey from beginning to end. (You might even say it’s a real roller coaster ride.)

It seems the creator is active on the Steam Workshop, but sadly they haven’t uploaded the full ride for your in-game enjoyment. You can however grab the Alien Queen prop for your perusal, as well as an impressively massive park based on Okayama, Japan.

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Clutchy avatarBJDUK avatar
Clutchy Avatar
5 Months ago

This is amazing. The sheer number of assets in use is staggering. So many triggers!

BJDUK Avatar
5 Months ago

I can't even get a ride to have an average of 35MPH!