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PlanetSide 2: Terran Republic weapon guide

Planetside 2 is about as spectacular as war gets; a massively multiplayer first-person shooter in which you are just a small cog in a grand war effort. You should try it. It’s great.

If you’re already playing, though, you’ll face some tough decisions. Planetside 2 is a free-to-play game, and new guns and toys are are expensive, either in time, or Station Cash. 

PCGamesN mostly plays as the Terran Republic; so they are the focus in this loadout guide, we’ve spent a vast amount of Station Cash to try as many of the Terran weapons as we possible can. 

We’ll add to this guide as we try more weapons and as SOE alter the balance of the game.

There is a lot you can do to your classes to make them unique and more importantly, more effective. Every class has special equipment, weapons, weapon attachments and universal upgrades. All of this can make creating a cohesive loadout quite a daunting task. 

A quick note: in every loadout I recommend taking the TX1 Repeater as your pistol of choice. It’s the default pistol for all classes and does it job when it comes to those “oh shit” moments. It will net you a kill on a target if you manage to hit all your bursts and is only recommended for close range engagements. Always defer to this weapon when you have a primary weapon with a high reload time. 

I also won’t be covering MAX suits, as they have three pretty self explanatory weapons for dealing with infantry, ground armour and air armour respectively. 

Here are my tried and tested loadouts for each class:

Infiltrator Loadouts

Infiltrators can not only be effective from a distant, but are equally lethal in close quarters thanks to their cloaking ability. Only the close minded will ignore this, instead using them solely as a sniping class. They can move inside enemy territory with ease, allowing them to scout out enemy compositions and relay that information back to command. Using their hacking tools they can disrupt the enemies ability to resupply, while giving it to their own allies. With the new addition of SMG’s, they are now deadly if they can close the ground on their prey, quickly dispatching them with a few rounds and a slash of their knife.



Find your closest firefight, preferably one that’s over a base. You want a vantage point that exposes your enemy the most, and most importantly can see behind the base. Getting kills is one thing, but relaying enemy reinforcements positions to fellow comrades takes priority over all. Once you have set up camp, take a second to scan the area for other potentially sneaky snipers and take them out. Avoid trying to kill zig zagging infantry and instead go for support classes like the Medic and Engineer. These are more likely to remain stationary as they go about their jobs, making life easier for you as you aim for their heads. 

Don’t forget to spot targets, including enemy vehicles and incoming reinforcements. If you get spotted yourself activate stealth and choose another vantage point, which you should've planned beforehand. 

Primary Weapon: M77-B

The default sniper weapon for the Terrans is, to be frank, terrible. It takes two headshots or up to four body shots to put an enemy down. Upgrade it as soon as you can to the M77-B.  

This is the only sniper you will need as an Infiltrator. 

It’s a nice and cheap 100 certs or 250 station cash.. It has one shot kill capabilities and a great fire rate for a bolt-action. 

Some people prefer the RAMS .50M for its slightly higher damage and projectile speed, but in my eyes a headshot is a headshot. The RAMS .50M also costs a whopping 1000 certs or 700 Station Cash. Spend that extra resources somewhere else.

Suit Slot: Ammunition Belt

Unless you have a very patient engineer with you, you’re going to have to rely on your own ammunition supplies to last your outings. Each level gives you an extra magazine, which could be an extra five kills before you have to buck it back home.

Marksman Loadout


Although the sniper is the iconic role for an infiltrator, this loadout strikes a middle ground between sniping and being near the front lines. You will be concentrating on killing anything that moves, peppering a few controlled bursts into the enemies torso for easy kills. Ammo shouldn’t be a worry with engineers close by, so go for maximum damage. Keep in mind though that you are still fragile, so keep behind the meat shields and don’t be afraid to spot targets. 

Primary Weapon: HSR-1

The HSR-1 is a great scout rifle for who like to be a little closer to the action than the typical sniper. It’s a semi-automatic with the options of a scope between 1x-6x. It costs either 1000 cert points or 700 station cash.

Suit Slot: Nanoweave Armour 

You’re going to be in the firing line with this loadout, so the extra health is always a welcome addition. With this in mind however you should always run from incoming fire, using your cloak to lose the enemies attention. 

Hacker Loadout


Now that Infiltrators have access to a great close quarters weapon, a spec-ops style of playing is now a possibility. Utilizing your cloak to get through the front lines and infiltrate bases, you will want to hack all the terminals you can. These will serve as your mobile resupply stations while also locking out the enemy from using them. Killing is a breeze if you can catch your enemies unaware. A simple burst of your SMG and a melee attack will suffice. If you can, hack a nearby vehicle terminal and spawn a Sunderer for your friends to spawn on to seal the deal. Don’t forget to use your Recon Detect Device to track enemy movements inside of those tight spaces.

Primary Weapon: SMG-46 Armistice

Recently introduced in Planetside 2’s second update, SMG’s bring the versatility of close quarter combat to nearly every class (apart from the MAX). The TR equivalent shines when getting close and personal, with a high rate of fire and a big magazine. They also allow you to move faster while aiming down the sights, with only a 25% movement penalty as opposed to the standard 50% suffered by other weapons. This will set you back 1000 cert points or 700 station cash. It’s expensive, a prime candidate to feature in future store sales. 

Suit Slot: Advanced Shield Capacitor

This is a high risk loadout, so having a shorter delay between shield recharges helps relax those nerves in tight situations. You’re probably going to come under fire often, usually blitzing your shields before you can get away using your cloak. This suit slot helps you recover faster and more importantly, get back into the action quickly.


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Sev_07swrc Avatar
5 Years ago

It's good suit loadout and class role guide, but I hope you'll be making guides for the other factions....   (the Vanu Sovereignty for instance)