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Deadmau5 tried to stream PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, got stream sniped, and quit

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Deadmau5 was forced to cut his PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds stream short last night due to a case of stream sniping. Once the DJ and his team-mate realised they were being stream-sniped, Deadmau5 immediately quit the game and turned off his stream. 

Our PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds guide probably won't protect you from stream snipers, but you should still check it out.

Towards the end of the stream, which you can watch the replay of here (start at around 1:07:00), Deadmau5’s team-mate is killed by a player that the pair immediately recognise as having killed them both earlier. They pretty much instantly put two and two together, and Deadmau5 says, “I’m going to quit streaming. Way to ruin a stream,” before leaving the game and turning off Twitch.

The culprit appears to not be the smartest person in the world, confessing their actions immediately afterwards on Deadmau5’s Twitter, saying that his stream snipe was “payback” for Deadmau5’s friend killing the player’s team-mate.

Stream sniping is a bannable offense in PUBG, and this isn’t the first time the practice has made headlines, although Bluehole are taking more and more measures to prevent the questionable strategy.

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cpt.fantastic Avatar
9 Months ago

I don't see a problem, it's just the nature of the game. If you want to stream it then delay your stream.

Jenks Avatar
9 Months ago

Is it hubris or just stupidity that makes people think they can stream a game like this live with no consequences?

hutzdani Avatar
9 Months ago

Why does borehole just not show the server identification on the in-game screen ?? Leave it on at the lobby and remove it once in the plane and make it visible only on the in game menu ( sac key )

Honestly then it would be much harder to stream snipe and they would have to deal with less bans.

Jesus how did they not think of this ????

Darkedone02 Avatar
9 Months ago

There must be a lack of awareness to people who stream games like these and not noticed that stream sniping is a thing, until you learn that it just happened with you. People go to 50/50 on this decision, stop streaming and enjoy playing it offline, possibly moaning and bitching along the way and pondering the moment of what happened... Or the other road is to try to fix the problem and continue streaming the game but put up a defense against stream sniping with a delay, along with the forewarning to the audience that the stream is on the 30 second delay for prevention of stream sniping.

It's a harsh lesson that he has to learn to properly stream competitive games like this to prevent people from unfairly taken the advantage and use it to ruin the experience, since there was forewarning in the first place, and people get turned off because of it.

ethabnan Avatar
9 Months ago

He didn't quit he just said he'd stop streaming it

Grgoljblaster Avatar
9 Months ago

Every EVE Online player: haha, that's cute

Stranger Avatar
9 Months ago

Stream sniping is dumb and wrong and streamers have recourse by putting a delay or hiding their game until they are dropped in.

TheTrainStation Avatar
9 Months ago

Deadmaufive is a nub.

Glen_Runciter Avatar
9 Months ago

"Easy:get good."

This should also be a bannable offense in every game.