Nearly 20,000 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds accounts were banned in the past 24 hours

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Up to 13,000 people are being banned from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds every single day. BattlEye, the anti-cheat program that works to keep PUBG’s community clean, says that over 320,000 players have been banned so far.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now has so many players it can't reset its leaderboards.

In a tweet posted this morning, the BattlEye said “Over 322,000 cheaters have been banned from PUBG so far.” Last we heard, that figure was much lower - Brendan Greene himself tweeted to say that BattlEye had banned 150,000 accounts just one month ago, meaning that in the last 30 days, the number of accounts banned from the game has doubled.

That means that the system is currently banning between 6,000 and 13,000 accounts every single day. In the last 24 hours, that figure jumped, and BattlEye say they’ve banned 20,000 players in the past day.

While those accounts will be from all over the world, BattlEye also say that the “vast majority” of banned accounts come from China. The region has seen a significant surge in player numbers recently, which may be part of the reason for the high number of cheaters.

It’s quite likely that BattlEye will continue to have their work cut out for them. As PUBG continues to grow, more players probably means more cheaters, so expect the number of banned accounts to keep going up.

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