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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds launches first-person servers in Asia and for all modes

Update August 10, 2017: First-person servers were originally rolled out in a couple of regions and only for solo and duo games. They've now been released for everyone in Asia too.

That means players in Asia can now sample the delights of PUBG where people can't spot you around corners. It also means we can all try the new perspective in squad games with four-player teams. 

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The news was announced in a tweet:

This is now live across the live servers, so no need to jump onto the test servers for a go. 

Update August 1, 2017: First-person-only servers and the ability to rejoin games if you get disconnected have both been added in one of PUBG's biggest updates.

Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene has posted the fourth monthly update of his Battlegrounds' spell in Early Access, and it's a big one. Though the focus is on the new key-and-crate system for cosmetics, there are also a tonne of exciting new gameplay features, balance tweaks, and technical fixes.

Crates first. Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene acknowledges community concerns about the scarcity of these crates, but argues a sturdy economy will be “ultimately beneficial for the game. And once again, this is a purely optional system, and you are not forced into participating if you do not feel like it. You will still get a fully featured game.”

He admits his messaging wasn't very clear, and takes the opportunity to explain the new system in full:

“Like the current free-to-open system, you will be limited in the number of crates you can receive each week, with the crate prices being reset each Monday. Currently, this limit is set to six crates per week, and you are free to trade them on the Steam Marketplace. I also want to point out that the full cosmetic system is still being discussed internally, and we are taking your concerns into consideration when it comes to the ability to get free cosmetics by playing the game.”

Two new classes of crate will be free-to-open - the Survivor Crate and the Wanderer Crate - each of which is previewed in the update. The Survivor crate includes a number of pretty cool trenchcoats and some fingerless gloves, while the Wanderer Crate includes a gas mask. Some items will be "inspired by the Battle Royale movie," says Greene.

The contents of the Survivor Crate

On to the patch notes. You can now rejoin games if you were disconnected in the middle of a match, and V-sync has been added - great news if you were suffering any screen tearing. You also now have the option of choosing first-person-only mode when starting a game.

Car horns and tyre screeching on motorcycles have also been added, as has a brand new sniper rifle - the Mk14 EBR - which can only be obtained from care packages. Additionally, the game will now support Xbox controllers and you can now report toxic players. There are also a tonne of optimisations on both the server and client side, so hopefully the game should run a little more smoothly.

See? Told you it was extensive. And those are only the headlines; you can read the rest of the notes in full here

Update July 25, 2017: It was pushed back a week because of complications, but Bluehole are gearing up to finally deliver first-person-only servers to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, along with a lovely FOV slider.

Both new features will be added in PUBG's monthly update on August 3. To start with, first-person servers will only be available in solo and duo, and only in the NA and EU regions. 

Here are the latest patch notes: 

  • Fixed a bug where characters got stuck in doors after partially destroying them
  • Fixed a bug causing the door Interaction UI to appear even after doors were completely destroyed
  • You can now use consumables while browsing the inventory during a reload
  • Fixed a bug where characters could not pick up items while running despite seeing the looting animation
  • Fixed a bug where characters would shake in spectator mode while running
  • On August 3rd, we will be adding the following to the game in our monthly update:
    • First-person server options are coming to NA and EU SOLO & DUO game-modes
    • FoV Slider for the first-person view will be added to the game
    • A new rifle will be added to the game

Original Story July 13, 2017: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting first-person servers. They’ll be added to solo and duo games in the EU and NA regions in the next monthly update, then rolled out elsewhere after a bit of polish.

The news comes via Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene himself, via Twitter:

Lead community manager Sammie Kang, also known – apparently willingly – as ‘poopieQueen’, confirms that the first-person mode will have an FOV slider.  

The PUBG subreddit is pretty ecstatic about the news, as first-person servers have been high on their wish-list for some time now. The ability to swivel the camera 360 degrees around your character in third-person gives players much more awareness of their surroundings, taking some of the risk and intensity out of tactics like camping or situations like room-clearing.

Seems PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is about to get even more intense.

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
QDP2(1 day 9 hours played)
7 Months ago

I tried, I played 2 rounds, and I refunded...

Weapon depth and modification options felt satisfying. Gun-play was not only fun but also felt fair and very well balanced. Both rounds I played left me feeling in control of my success and failure (something you'd hope was granted but other BRoyals have proven otherwise). I even managed to reach top-20 in my second game.

It is the perfect basis for Battle Royal, but that there is the problem for me: it's Battle Royale, nothing more. I've played more than my fair share of H1Z1 KOTK, and seem to have worn out my satisfaction through grinding leaderboard ranks. There was nothing 'special' about PUBG. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that added a new level of depth or complexity to the other titles. It just worked. I'm not trying to knock the development team at all, getting 100-player servers to run so well with such complexity is incredible! It's just the player count doesn't make the game. Features do, and I guess weapon modification wasn't enough for me yet.

Maybe if my friends had powerful enough computers to join, I'd have stayed and invested more time into the game. I'd bet if I were to return and keep playing, I would get hooked back into the BRoyale build and aim for the top of the leader-boards once more.

Come the time Bluehole release the ability for player-created modes, I will probably return and see what awesome stuff the community makes. But for now, it just feels like it'll become a time-sink to invest into. A form of satisfaction in small dosses; surrounded by long waiting times hiding, looting and surveying. I just feel like there's so much more that I'd rather invest time into right now than this addiction :P