Prey will be “really flawless” on PC: Arkane say they've learned from Dishonored 2 | PCGamesN

Prey will be “really flawless” on PC: Arkane say they've learned from Dishonored 2

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Dishonored devs Arkane have promised that their next title, sci-fi immersive sim Prey, will run perfectly on PC from launch. Their last game, Dishonored 2, was excellent, but was spoiled for a worrying number of PC players thanks to various technical issues.

Pumped for 2017's next big immersive sim? Here's everything we know about Prey so far.

In an interview with Game Informer, Arkane’s co-creative director Rafael Colantonio acknowledges those problems. “We had a rough launch on the PC,” he says. “In development you never exactly know what you're going to see, most of all with PC because there are so many different configurations and stuff. Unfortunately, it's what it is, it shipped, then it got patched, and now it runs really well. So of course, we are paying double attention to making sure that this time, the PC version is really flawless when we ship.”

Asked how they plan to achieve this, Colantonio said the Prey team have scheduled “a little bit” more time for testing. “Also it's a different engine, so the constraints are different. In the case of Dishonored, we created a new engine, really, even though it's based on idTech, most of it has been redone... In the case of Prey we're using the CryEngine, so it's an engine that has already shipped things before. So it's not the same configuration. Nevertheless, we are of course aware of [PC issues] now, and were back then already, but it caught us by surprise a little. This time we're paying more attention for sure.”

Check out the interview above for more. The question about Dishonored 2's launch PC launch begins at 28:42.

Once planned as a sequel to 2006's shooter of the same name, Prey has emerged from several years in development hell as a reimagining of the original's premise: a space station has been overrun by aliens, and you must use guns, customisable alien powers and smart story choices to survive. Fans of System Shock-style immersive sims should keep an eye on the first half of this year for its release.

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Braneman Avatar
Braneman(4 hours played)
1 Year ago

It doesn't need to be flawless, it just needs to work, that's all we're asking for and frankly that's not very much.

1N07 Avatar
1 Year ago

Everytime the devs blame "all the different configurations" and say it's hard to see beforehand it makes me think they do barely any play testing...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Dishonored 2 more or less broken on pretty much every system imaginable? They absolutely knew what state they were releasing it in.

That said, it's hard to say if the blame lies with them or did Bethesda force their hand.

sintheticreality Avatar
1 Year ago

The original space bounty hunter concept was way more appealing to me than this nonsense.

Another dull, uninspired mess like their Dishonored games.

HAWKMAN(2 days 18 hours played)
1 Year ago

Sorry, but you have to be very ignorant if you think Prey is a Dishonored clone.

Teutep Avatar
Teutep(7 hours played)
1 Year ago

Pretty sure he didn't call it a Dishonored clone?

He just called Dishonored a mess, and expects this to be no different.

sintheticreality Avatar
1 Year ago

The Dishonored games look like clunky ass to me and I don't like the devs. I can't trust any man named Harvey. Guys named Harvey shoot presidents and have sex dungeons in their basements.

I dig your username, though.