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Community neglect and a pay-to-win ethos are killing EverQuest 2Community neglect and a pay-to-win ethos are killing EverQuest 2
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After having played the game for almost 14 years and being at the top of the raid progression and my own class for long as such, I agree with most of this article.

Once touted as the next best thing in mmorpg is nothing more than a cash-grab. I mean the recent expansion is so blatant in doing so that they have no shame left. More of a shocker considering it still has a monthly subscription.

For me, Age of Malice was the last expansion worthy of being played and a goodly goodbye to SOE. Yes, the game's quality had been in decline ever since its launch but what was to come at the hands of Daybreak Games was something i am sure not many anticipated.

Terrors of Thalumbra was a colossal mess. You knew that this is how things will be from now on. Recycled gear, heroic content that was so easy that most classes were soloing it in few weeks after launch. But wait, worst was yet to come and that wasKunark Rising, or whatever it was called, expansion which marked the beginning of the end, for me anyway. It was not just the nefarious time gated progression to mask the wafer-thin content but it was the way it got implemented.

We longed for a class balance and were even promised one by Kander (lead designer) in his letter on the forums, but instead we got 4 ascension classes, indicating the paradigm shift the game was headed towards. Not only the DEV in question recanted his statements about class balancing, instead we got new abilities in the recent expansion Planes of Prophecy, stream of which by the way was the 101 on "how to stoop low and parade your pre-order gimmicks and game breaking buffs" (please go watch it on youtube). The Ascensions are so powerful that your own class seems like a filler in between. Stats are all over the place, some classes are beyond powerful (avatar? lol) and some are left alone to gather dust (swashies....), oh yes back to ascension -- grinding spell upgrades -- good luck with that, before you say that all mmorpgs have the grind but NO, this purely put in to frustrate the player so they can 1-click buy the upgrade.

Long gone are the days where an expert player with mediocre gear would do things that others would marvel. Now, you can have an amazing player but he/she blown away by an average player who happens to have their Ascensions mastered -- I am not kidding, it is that big of a difference.

Forums -- got banned a lot for voicing my concern, the new PR person is like the ninja admin, deletes/edits/bans without even saying yeah that was wrong. Same deal on Discord.

I guess I can go on and yes there are still some remaining faithful who find joy in it, i would too, but they have removed all the stuff that mattered and made players come back for more. I disagree with anybody that who says that the community is keeping it alive. Yes it is only if they are paying for it. Its all about keeping profit margins up. They will pull the plug on this without giving much of a thought and that day, i hope for the game's sake, its not far.

In its prime under SOE i would give it a 8.5/10.

Under DBG - 3.5/10 -- yes it is that bad.

There is no reason for any player to play this game because believe me there are other far superior free to play games that pretty much destroy this in one key are -FUN!
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