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7 Months ago
Monster Hunter: World's producer says adding loot boxes "doesn't make any sense"Monster Hunter: World's producer says adding loot boxes "doesn't make any sense"
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A quick look at the Japanese game 'Monster Hunter Online' will show you Capcom aren't afraid of paywalls. Being a free-to-play title, you can't use your box without paying a monthly subscription. Certain items can't be crafted or used without another subscription cost. Another bill if you want to play past 3* quests. Money will get you strong health potions and other buffed items you can carry alongside your Free-earned gear to help the longer/harder hunts.
They'll happily rake every penny they can get away with, but I think they know when selling to the world market that people will be against the micro-transactions included in previous titles. I'd be shocked if they removed all micro-transactions from this game, since they'll want to keep making money off this release. We can hope they do this through Season passes and large DLCs, but interviews at the moment suggest they'll be focusing on short-term small quests, free missions much closer to Hitman's exclusive targets. It's going to be interesting to see how they deal with this one, trying to keep the publics peace whilst still earning money.
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Monster Hunter Online is run by Tencent, a company legendarily reviled the world around for its microtransaction practices. If you want an example of microtransactions as they relate to Capcom instead, look at Monster Hunter Frontier, the MMO they actually have a hand in.

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