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Badongkadong replied to a question on the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review
1 Year ago
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review snippet What bits are on display? Boobs? Dongs? Erect or floppy? Give us details. LOTS OF DETAILS.
The Witcher series has moved from strength to strength and not lost any of the magic from its predecessors. What makes it so engaging for me is the attention to detail and how they craft each individual quest. There are so many grey area quests which makes you truly question if your decision was the right one. Heck, it might be right at the time but what about in the long term for the region? Do you make a deal with the devil to save some children but condemn a village of innocents? Wait, were they really that innocent if... you get the picture. The gameplay would be repetitive as the quests boil down to monster slaying or treasure hunting but it's the context, the environment and the story telling woven through the game that really makes you want to keep playing. Having said that, I've burnt myself out these last few weeks on this game. I do need a break but because I am bored but because it is at times intense and deeply involving. I need something a bit lighter to allow my brain the time it needs to recuperate before I go and butcher some more nekkers and drowners.
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