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BFeely responded to LightCer -(stab)- comment in
3 Months ago
A Final Fantasy XV PC announcement looks likely for Gamescom 2017A Final Fantasy XV PC announcement looks likely for Gamescom 2017
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Yeah I am kind of suspicious because why would you release a video displaying the power of the GTX1080 Ti using FF15, have a meeting at GDC concerning FF15 well after its release and hype, and constantly try to convince us of how hard it is to make a pc port? Honestly I don't care if I am forced to play this game with a Xbox 1 or PS4 controller. In fact, I prefer to use a controller anyhow over the mouse and keyboard any day. So it technically is not that hard to do unless it was an online game, by which, currently, it isn't. I mean what is this video implying? Will consoles have a GPU slot or what? So many questions.
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Unless the tech demo is a custom engine using assets from FF15.

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BFeely responded to Belimawr comment in
6 Months ago
G2A: How they say they're cleaning up their actG2A: How they say they're cleaning up their act
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ever since the earliest EULA/TOS you have only ever owned a licence that was non transferable, just until recently it could never be enforced, so nothing has changed other than the security software.

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Keep in mind too that even if EULAs are found unenforceable, in the DD market you are not selling products, you are selling services. That is, you are selling to an end-user an authorization to receive a digital product through a game store.

As part of the terms of service, this service you purchase is for your own use only, and cannot be transferred to another person.

There are Steam Gifts, however, that is only for one to gift the service to a friend and not authorized to be re-sold for a profit.

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