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1 Year ago
The Xbox One is becoming a PC with the introduction of Universal Windows ApplicationsThe Xbox One is becoming a PC with the introduction of Universal Windows Applications
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Love the cross platfrom functionality for gamepad enabled games but am concerned that this will lead to un-optomised conversions
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{ubb-1}Soggy responded to BradShort's comment in
2 Years ago
Best gaming mouseBest gaming mouse
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Great article :) Rocking a G700 here. I map so much to my mouse when FPSing so all the buttons come in handy. Can't ever contemplate going back to a two thumb button arrangement.Reply
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Same here, would not swap my G700 for anything else. It's had more feet than I can remember!

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4 Years ago
The introduce yourself thread
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Hi there, Name is Steve Bradshaw, Married with 3 boys under 4 so it is a miracle that I still have time for gaming. I'm an ICT trainer and Support officer for schools.

Gaming is and has been my chief pastime since I can remember.

Being 42, I still clearly remember being at the front of the queue when the local leisure centre wheeled in its first Space Invaders cab. Since then I have gamed on every major platform from Intellivision to Playstation, and some of the minor ones too . . (vectrex anyone?)

Mainly an FPS and sports gamer currently, BF4 and Fifa but some gaming highlights to reminisce over would be Skool Daze, Commando (arcade), Street Fighter 2, Metal Gear Solid, Cannon Fodder, Atic Atac, Summer Games, Deus Ex Machina, Gauntlet (arcade)

Whilst I do not have an encyclopaedic knowledge of games, I've been around the block long enough to have a wide angled view of the gaming landscape.

I'm an Android nut too . .

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