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Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program doesn't stop companies selling AMD GPUsNvidia’s GeForce Partner Program doesn't stop companies selling AMD GPUs
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I think that a problem will be laziness or just not wanting to spend money on double branding by board partners. What your saying is that for example Asus would not be able to sell Nvidia and Amd cards both labels Dual for example, like they currently do. They would have,to create two separate categories for each category. So then who would get the well known Strix? And if there is wording like that I think it is what Nvidia intends. Because then it creates the requirement for different marketing etc... Seems inocuous but that's the point right?Reply
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The thing is board partners are creating new brands all the time. Graphics card companies have already got huge numbers of different brands - taking Asus alone as an example they have seven different GPU ranges: Republic of Gamers, Turbo, Dual, Expedition, Pheonix, Mining, Cerberus. And apart from the 'Mining' one can anyone tell me what the differentiating factor is between them?

It certainly doesn't look like they have any issue trotting out new ranges when they feel like it, and if they were worried about who gets STRIX then they can simply create more sub-brands.

I don't see how gamers are going to have less choice over which graphics card they can buy because of GPP they're just going to have different names.

And I'm really struggling to see how that's such a terrible thing.

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