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5 Months ago
Best PC controllerBest PC controller
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Where's the steam controller?

There is nothing else like it, love mine to death. Don't think i could go back to regular pad. Don't need a wheel, or a hotas to play racing or flight sims, either. Just setup the gyro and you're golden. The pads are 10x more accurate than a stick, and the pad/gyro combo can compete with mouse users with just a bit of practice.
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I just picked up a steam controller during the summer sale and I absolutely love it. Honestly my biggest gripe with it has been the analog stick it has, which should have been either an 8 input dpad or more buttons.

I've noticed the biggest critics of the steam controller have been those plugging it in and expecting to play right off the bat. Once you actually learn how to use it you realize, much like how analog sticks were initially a "gimmick" until they became an industry standard, so to will the trackpads. They are capable of emulating so many inputs, sometimes better than those actual inputs(IE the analog sticks), and paired with the gyro motion controls and haptic realize the negativity levied against this controller is from those who just need a standard configuration and a game to learn how to use it.

If you go back to when both single and dual analog hit the market, people had the same complaints about how awkward they were to use.

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8 Months ago
Fallout 4 never leaves the player alone, and that's a problemFallout 4 never leaves the player alone, and that's a problem
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While I do agree that Fallout 4 bombards you with potential companions way too quickly, I disagree a bit with the premise as to why you are against it. One of the harshest criticisms Fallout 3 received was how unrealisticly bleak it was considering it was 200 years after the bombs dropped. Fallout 4/Boston is going through a reconstructionist era and I do feel like that's one thing the game nailed. There are lots of faults and inconsistencies with the story, but the lack of bleak loneliness isn't one of them.
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