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Dy2003 responded to Xenographer comment in
4 Years ago
The introduce yourself thread
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Also, I came here because PC Gamer went really really shit and well, this site is owned by an ex PC Gamer chief, so what could go wrong?

My favourite games are Grim Fandango, Beyond Good & Evil and Psychonauts, CS: Source, TF2 and I yearn for the uni years where I can play WoW and nerd it up with my guild without fear of reprisals on my time or money as I did when I was young and naive. Good times.

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Who were you in the beforetime, then? I don't remember your name

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4 Years ago
Renegade X resurrects Command & Conquer’s awful FPSRenegade X resurrects Command & Conquer’s awful FPS
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I'm sorry but I really don't get the bile everyone is spraying at Renegade here and on other sites. It reviewed well at the time (75 on metacritic) and it was a genuinely fun game. It was by no definition awful.

It had a solid though slightly uninspired singleplayer campaign, a bitching soundtrack and a great multiplayer that was marred mostly by shoddy netcode. A lot of fun when it worked though.

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