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elfo_jka replied to 5 questions on the Heroes of the Storm Review
10 Months ago
Heroes of the Storm review snippet Which characters would you recommend to starting players?
Raynor for damage, Lili for support, Muradin for tank, Azmodan for specialist.
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10 Months ago
Why would you pick Heroes of the Storm over League of Legends or Dota 2?
It's much easier for new players to start playing the game and improving in a meaningful way.

Also if you don't like the last hit and item systems (my case) you'll find the talents and shared xp really smooth.

Laning phase lasts less than 2 minutes until the first objective spawns and you can start team fighting. When the objective ends, people resume to their lanes until lvl10
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Not exactly until lvl 10, but until the next objective phase, keeping that cycle until lvl10.

Also several different maps, each having a unique objective
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