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11 Months ago
For Honor has 1 million monthly active playersFor Honor has 1 million monthly active players
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For Honor is a joke! I have 160 hours, Item level 141... Waste of my time!!

• Imbalanced match making (Goodluck going up against 144 item level newbs)
• Broken Classes (2 new classes have broken any semblance of equality on the battlefield)
• Connection issues (You will spend more time waiting for a match than enjoying actual gameplay)
• Little to no rewards, items received are reskinned over and over
• No true sense of accomplishment in any aspect of the game...

Overall, I am encouraging all of my friends, and family to avoid this train wreck... It should be put down out back and people should have their money refunded...

If you need your PVP Melee fix, check out Absolver: http://absolver.com/
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