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3 Years ago
Here are my impressions of Infinifactory, please trust themHere are my impressions of Infinifactory, please trust them
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I hate to break it to all of you, but NO mainstream media outlet requires reviewers to disclose anything about a movie or book or anything else they are reviewing. Reviews are OPINION pieces are not required to have any disclosure. Rodger Ebert's review of "Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill" contains no reference to the fact that he is a good friend of Russ Meyer and that they are in fact making a movie together. I think that had little to do with the consistently good reviews he gave Russ Meyer, those were mostly because he was a fan of boobs. When people talk about ethics in journalism then mean when one is reporting on FACT and as much as people want to think that game reviews are news, they are not. They are an expression of the OPINION of the person playing. I have games in my steam library that I have only played for a few minutes and will never play again, because they were recommend to me (essentially reviewed) by friends and I didn't agree with their opinion.

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But if I can't pretend that journalists are being unethical about something, what excuse do I have to dig into their private lives and harass them?

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