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4 Years ago
F1 2013 preview — It's the little thingsF1 2013 preview — It's the little things
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I felt really badly burned from Grid. The shameful DLC and untested and hackable Online matches just made me think it was a terrible game. I swore Codemasters wouldnt get my money again.


And yeah your right, something did happen in 90's F1 The downforce got so low and the power got so high People started DIEING. Rubens Barrichello attempted to fly. Poor Roland Ratzenberger's head came off his spine and the greatest racer of all time Ayton Senns Died... all this within 2 hours of track time at San Marino 94.


It was dangerous... I think their is a little of poor taste in glamorising it as 'The good ol'days' as their sales pitch seems to do. So again. Not getting my money Codemasters.

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I think it's clear you do not know anything about F1. Here's a total of F1 fatalities during an FIA event or elsewhere:

1950s - 15

1960s - 14

1970s - 12

1980s - 4

1990s - 2

2000s - 0

The good ol' days remark refers strictly to the focus on technical innovation rather than regulatory restriction, and lack of electronical aids etc. I agree Grid 2 was poor.

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