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4 Months ago
"Enough is enough" - Dreamhack mod speaks out against toxic Twitch chat"Enough is enough" - Dreamhack mod speaks out against toxic Twitch chat
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This is not Twitch's responsibility, unless those toxic trolls got reported and twitch actually had global mods checking out the chat.

The channel's owners could have taken a couple of minutes to properly Setup Automod so the chat would get moderated better.

Having your own Mods actually joining in on the racist crap is just poor moderator choice on it's own.
Moderators should have a clear goal when active in a chat and that is to simple get rid of the toxic shit.

TLDR: Dreamhack failed to properly setup a moderator line for their own channel and that is not twitch's fault. You will find toxicity ALL over the internet, not just on twitch.
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