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1 Year ago
Destiny 2: DLC, review, PC port, gameplay trailers, story – everything we knowDestiny 2: DLC, review, PC port, gameplay trailers, story – everything we know
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Destiny is probably the game i've played more in my life (except the entire pokémon series when i was child), around 800 hours in a year.
I've done everything was singleplayer (all raids on hard and all the challenges of Orix's raid) until it annoyed me... multiplayer was fun.
There were some problems in this game i noticed and can be solved.
First, as noted in this article, was the raid matchmaking; serious, you needed to wait toooo much to make a team and the most simple way was utilizing their forums on the official site, but it took me sometimes even 2-3 hours to start; after you start LOTS of people can leave if the things became wrong... I'm not english motherlanguage so it was even more difficult, for solving that problem you are forced to join clan (not bad in my case as i found very nice peoples) but i think that for this type of game you NEED a matchmaking.
Second problem was servers, VERY BAD. Good optic fiber can't even play the game perfectly as i noted, dedicated servers are needed and necessary for the vastity of the project and the € they made.
Third problem was the dlcs who split the community. New system needed.
Fourth and final problem was the lack of contents after oryx dlc for 6-8 months but also in general. Again, i repeat, for the structure of gaming the constatly release of new contents is needed (and not something like st valentine's day 2016...); for this i think they must watch warframe.
I hope they will solve the problems i noticed and i will surely play Destiny 2 (now on pc instead of ps4).
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