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1 Year ago
League of Legends patch 7.2League of Legends patch 7.2
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Riot are you serious about that yasuo change? It not really a nerf if he can get all that damage back late game. Yasuo late damage is like 300 or more!!!! 20% of 300 AD damage is 60 so his E will have 160 damage late not 100Reply
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Are you serious about what you wrote? Previous E had 150 free damage, now to reach the 160 you need to wait late game to do some dmg with E. And 20% of BONUS AD is not 60, basic AD is more or less 120 at lvl 18, so 180 bonus AD to reach the total 300, 20% of 180 is 36 so: 100+36= 136 with 300 AD. It's a hard nerf to yasuo

Please read and overall use brain before write and talk

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