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10 Months ago
How to fix Mirror's EdgeHow to fix Mirror's Edge
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So... Catalyst has the same, high-quality story missions that the first game has AND the same, high-quality time trials AND a lot of completely optional, open-world activities... and somehow that makes it an inferior game? You can just ignore the open-world activities and focus solely on the story missions and time trials and you'll get a game that's at least on par with the first game.

No, the reason why nobody really cared about ME:C is that the first game was a novelty. First-person parkour with a female Asian protagonist and a unique aesthetic... that novelty is what attracted most players but that's not going to work a second time. Even if ME:C had been a linear game like the original, the reception would have been just as mediocre. The core gameplay of ME simply isn't compelling enough to most consumers. In the unlikely event that EA makes another ME, I'd be very surprised if they didn't turn it into a shooter with parkour elements. Sadly, most consumers just want to shoot stuff. They're fine with parkour as a secondary mechanic but as the primary focus? Not so much.
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Anakhoresis responded to Jerykk's comment in
11 Months ago
"Torrent my game instead of supporting shady resellers, I'll even give you the link," says game dev"Torrent my game instead of supporting shady resellers, I'll even give you the link," says game dev
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G2A is a marketplace where third-party sellers can sell keys and gifts. G2A cannot test these keys or gifts beforehand because the only way to do so would be to activate them and at that point, they can no longer be sold. It makes sense to offer insurance when dealing with third-party sellers.

I've bought several games from G2A and never had any problems with invalid keys. If the key is being sold directly by G2A, there's no risk. If you're buying from a third-party seller, there's more risk but even then, I haven't had any issues. Truth is, if there was a high risk of getting an invalid key, G2A wouldn't be so popular.

On a side note, it's weird that reselling is so frowned upon in the digital marketplace but lauded when it comes to physical goods. Do the people complaining about digital resales also condemn used sales?

Anakhoresis Avatar

It's not even "reselling" like physical games. Once the key gets used, it's locked, unless someone sells the account (which is against the terms of service I believe, on Steam anyway). The developer still gets money per person playing the game, unlike, say, Gamestop, where the developer gets no money on used games. Which is probably where the huge DLC market came from. No biggie losing out on the sale of the original game when the DLC for the game costs more altogether but was cheaper to produce.

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Jerykk responded to Danger Zone comment in
3 Years ago
Let's talk about Thief's anti-open worldLet's talk about Thief's anti-open world
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Jerykk, you're missing the point.

If a shooter provides no motivation to proceed through its length, then it has failed. It might have good shooting mechanics, but if the game does nothing but make you a better shooter with nothing else to pay off, then it has failed as an entertaining storytelling device.

Thief might be good at letting you stealth around and steal stuff, but what's the pay off? The story blows (I honestly couldn't even really explain what was going on because I failed to care), the environments are poorly designed, and you're left with nothing except getting better at stealing stuff. But why? What's the point of getting better at stealing when it leads to nothing?

I could fix this game with a simple list of bullet points:

- Hire better story writers

- Bigger world

- More logic in the world's layout / flow

- More visual differences in each area of the game; more unique areas

- Emphasis on stealing a greater amount of "important" items that are relevant to the story, not just bobbles to sell

- Less predictable enemy patrol routes

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I'm not missing the point at all. If you don't enjoy the fundamental act of shooting, that means you don't like shooters. Likewise, if you don't like the fundamental act of sneaking around, that means you don't like stealth games. That's perfectly fine. Nobody is expected to enjoy everything. But to claim that a Thief game is bad because it "only" has stealth and stealing is absurd. If story is the only thing you care about in videogames, I'd argue that you should look towards other mediums that generally have better writing (film, television, novels, etc).

I don't play stealth games for story, environmental variety, etc. I play stealth games because I enjoy sneaking around. It's really that simple. As a stealth game, Thief is pretty good. The AI has some nice touches (like noticing safes and containers that you've left open) and is perfectly competent most of the time. Only occasionally does it bug out or do something stupid. And predictable enemy patrol routes (and behavior in general) is essential for a stealth game. Stealth games are essentially puzzle games and consistency is key when trying to solve a puzzle. If AI didn't behave in a predictable and consistent manner, it would be impossible to observe NPCs and formulate plans to deal with them.

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Fraser Brown responded to Jerykk's comment in
3 Years ago
Let's talk about Thief's anti-open worldLet's talk about Thief's anti-open world
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"But this game is soul-crushingly boring and has an almost non-existent story that provides no motivation to proceed through the game. The game becomes about stealing for the sake of itself. You steal crap just to become better at stealing crap, and there's no payoff for the grind."

Are you actually complaining about stealing in a game called Thief? Really? When you play a shooter, do you complain about the fact that you shoot for the sake of shooting? Do you complain about being forced to race in a racing game?

If you enjoy the act of sneaking around and stealing stuff, that's enough incentive to play through Thief. If you need a compelling story, you're better off playing an adventure game or RPG. It sounds like you don't actually enjoy stealth gameplay.

Back on topic, the "open-world" (it's not really open-world, it's just a series of hubs ala Deus Ex or Thief: Deadly Shadows) really isn't that bad. Yeah, the windows are annoying but they become less problematic as you progress through the game and learn the layout of the city. Most of the windows will only ever need to be opened once, as you have no reason to open them again once you've looted the rooms they connect to. After a while, getting where you want to go becomes second-nature.

Finally, the game wasn't developed by the DX:HR team. Eidos Montreal has multiple teams working on different games. The DX:HR team was (and still is) working on the next DX game. The Thief team was a separate team entirely.

Fraser Brown Avatar

Shooting for the sake of shooting is pretty rubbish. When so many games are shooters, they need to do something a bit special. That might be the why - the story - or it might be the design of the guns or the level design that makes it stand out.

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