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Silentius responded to joelc23's comment in
11 Months ago
Are we living in a computer simulation? Google DeepMind's Demis Hassabis responds to Elon Musk's theoryAre we living in a computer simulation? Google DeepMind's Demis Hassabis responds to Elon Musk's theory
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Maybe whoever created this reality didn't do it just as a simulation to watch over. Maybe they actually choose to live in this reality. Maybe it's much better than the one they come from? What better dream than to live in a reality that you created or even if you didn't create it, you may have super power within that reality to effect the world around you. It's like playing within the ultimate MMORPG. I've always felt this life is just one of many experiences for an eternal soul that keeps being reincarnated. Old souls are wiser more peaceful lives while new souls are more immature, violent, still experimenting. The 13th Floor was an incredible movie about all of this. But if we can make a neural interface and totally realistic reality in VR.. and create true AI. The odds are just too good that it was done before. Pretty much the final revelation in The Matrix trilogy.

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'If' being the operative word... Too much of this theory is based on technological supposition. You may be able to make a photo realistic image of a human being from pixels, but we're light years from being able to simulate the emotional complexity of the human mind via AI... Face facts, people feel elation or misery because they are genuine, thinking, emotional beings, not because they are strings of ones and zeros, programmed to react that way. Sci-Fi is great, but remember Fi = fiction.

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1 Year ago
Carmack says VR devs are 'coasting on novelty' with 'poisonous' startup timesCarmack says VR devs are 'coasting on novelty' with 'poisonous' startup times
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That's pretty damning, and hard not to agree. My experience with VR thus far has only been display models on showroom floors and stores, and he's right; the novelty is initially alluring, but it never struck that serious nerve where I had considered it as something I'd like to regularly partake in, especially compared to my current investments (Good ol' fashioned PC gaming).

I'm not sure what the remedy is, aside from dedicated iteration.
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Just stick to more simple uses for VR like making older games as well as new big games just support the basic VR headtracking. It's not much extra work for devs and they still focus on the core gaming consumer to by their products in mass. I don't need full motion tracking and all the extra crap. I just want to play my normal games with the VR tracking my head. I can still use my Keyboard and Mouse just the same, or a controller.

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