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10 Months ago
Best PC controllerBest PC controller
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I disagree. I'd say 360 controller is still king. I know it's older but Xbone controllers break if you look at them funny. It's well noted that the design is defective and fails constantly and the warranty doesn't back it up at all as it only lasts 3 months. Even on the Elite version, only a 3 month warranty. I'd say go Dual Shock if you like the layout, I don't so for me it's 360 which is a much more durable controller than the xbone version.Reply
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I've had my original Xbox One wireless pad since the console first came out and it's taken a badgering yet still keeps on trucking.

Have to say I much prefer the triggers and the buttons on The Xbox One pad too. Don't get me wrong though, the excellent original 360 controller was my first joypad love ;)

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