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2 Weeks ago
Alleged caller in fatal Kansas swatting faces involuntary manslaughter chargeAlleged caller in fatal Kansas swatting faces involuntary manslaughter charge
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They cull out applicants whose IQ is above 100 and during psychological tests, also cull those who show empathy. True story.

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*Not a true story at all.

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3 Years ago
Infested Planet PC ReviewInfested Planet PC Review
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Bought this after a pcgamesn preview the other day, it only lasts a few hours but its good fun. Gets pretty intense when there are 7 different hives pumping out thousands of bugs and new hives popping up sending cloned soldiers at your base. The upgrades and weapons are all very satisfying. It's a mini 40k experience sending in marines with miniguns and flamers against the swarm while thunderhawks strafe the hive.

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You tried the weekly challenges? Adds to game life.

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