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1 Year ago
Civilization 6 reviewCivilization 6 review
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How's the multiplayer? Civ4's was great at launch, Civ5's was terrible at launch (e.g., no saving your game), and is still buggy.Reply
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Haven't managed to play it yet, as naturally no one was online pre-release. Will be putting it through its paces this weekend.

I'm quite happy to see that there's an new 'Online' game speed though, which is even quicker than 'Quick' and twice as fast as a normal game. There are also 3 multiplayer scenarios, all of which look like they can be completed in a single evening's play. Hopefully there'll be more of those to come.

Of course, all of that will be for nothing if it's as broken as the Civ V multiplayer. Stay tuned.

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