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Malakie responded to Glen_Runciter comment in
2 Months ago
Thargoids are attacking space stations in Elite DangerousThargoids are attacking space stations in Elite Dangerous
Glen_Runciter Avatar
It's so much more exciting to read about this game than actually playing it is.
Malakie Avatar

LOL I was going to say the same thing. It sounds like fun when you read about it.. But not so much in game due to it being boring with very linear missions and no dynamic game play...

It also has become a free for all for griefing.. I tried when the patch came out to do some of the thargoid artifact gathering missions. It was impossible for anyone who had smaller ships because griefers camp all the sites and our small ships have no chance against them.

I have not played in months now because I just finally got fed up with it.

Some say "play solo" mode then. What is the point of an MMO if you cannot play around other people?

I like how my login says 1 hour played too.. LOL talk about way off.. I don't usually login via Steam but directly through the Elite launcher...

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Myspeld responded to Malakie's comment in
7 Months ago
Win one of Nvidia's super-limited edition 64GB GeForce GTX USB sticks!Win one of Nvidia's super-limited edition 64GB GeForce GTX USB sticks!
Malakie Avatar

Sorry but I already won it...

Myspeld Avatar

without this usb i will DIE

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Petosiris responded to Malakie's comment in
11 Months ago
Star Citizen's persistent universe draws closer with the imminent Multiplayer Mega MapStar Citizen's persistent universe draws closer with the imminent Multiplayer Mega Map
Malakie Avatar
Wonder how long it will take for the trolls to show up? Oh wait, I see one already did.. I laugh every one posts because it makes NO sense what so ever why some people are so against Star Citizen.. None? What did CIG or the game ever do to them?

The only thing I can think is that maybe these trolls are competing products and devs.... CIG is pretty much burying them and their lame designs.Reply
Petosiris Avatar

We listed over a dozen reasons for trolls to hate Star Citizen in a discussions thread on Massively Opinionated once but I don't remember all of those reasons from the top of my head ATM.

However, IMO it's the sum of them which makes some people go overboard. Most people are used to shallow one-genre games with a clear end objective, which is reachable within a couple of hours, played on their console ... Star Citizen is none of that. And that pisses people off - "Who do you think you are, telling me I'm playing shallow games on an inferior platform?" Of course, no-one are telling them that, but they get the feeling that's what many people think.

So, basically, Star Citizen is so different from everything else they know from before and have played earlier that they get into a defensive position in a trench.

But you're right, there are probably some competitors trolling too.

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OxKing responded to Malakie's comment in
1 Year ago
Star Citizen right not to ape “basic, bare minimum” approach of Elite: Dangerous, claims Chris RobertsStar Citizen right not to ape “basic, bare minimum” approach of Elite: Dangerous, claims Chris Roberts
Malakie Avatar
I am a back of BOTH Elite and Star Citizen.

Elite has been a huge disappointment to date. First is the lack of content. Missions and game play are basically run around station to station doing the same thing over and over. A grind. There is no real immersion in the game at all. Interaction with other players is near non-existent in Elite as well.

But even MORE important... BUGS. Elite has bugs in it that have been reported MONTHS ago, in fact a few reported at the beginning of the year that have NOT been fixed, addressed, talked about or mentioned. I know because two of them I personally reported and other users confirmed. Even numerous missions still have bugs that were reported months back.

They released Engineers and now Guardians and still those bugs remain. And I am not the only one complaining about that fact.

Even with Engineers and Guardians, however, the game still lacks any content, any depth, any immersion.

Engineers added the ability to upgrade ship modules individually. Great. But that really changed nothing in the scope of the game overall.

Guardians lets us basically add passengers as cargo and again, go round and round grinding missions only this time using passengers as the cargo instead of other things ... and now requires us to use up a critical space on the ship for a special passenger module to boot.

Plus Guardians added the ability to hire wingmen IF and only IF you can afford or are inclined to fly larger ships. I like flying my Cobra mk IV but I am not allowed to have a wingman. What????? That makes no sense but it is apparently tied to the now must use another slot to carry a fighter craft that your NPC pilot can use and fly.

And again, other than that no real change to overall game play when it gets down to it.

Did I mention unfixed bugs months and months old?

So as a backer, while I WANT and hope Elite Dangerous succeeds, I actually spend a whole lot more time in Star Citizen because even in its limited form, there is just more substance, more immersion to it already. And while right now it is very very limited in scope, that still should say something about both games.

Frontier needs to make some dramatic changes in how they continue into the future because I can say for a fact, I am not the only Elite backer and player that is frustrated by the situation as it is now.Reply
OxKing Avatar

I've also backed both and it's the other way around for me.

Star Citizen still lacks of good Flight Model,

Joystick / Hotas Support, and TrackIR Support.

But they are having the Arena Commander since almost two years now.

Graphics are impressive, as all the details they add is

and the overall development of it. But im still unsure if i will ever really enjoy it.

From the 1000 Hours i spend in Elite Dangerous i mostly had a lot of fun and it is keeping getting better.

It now feels very populated and alive with the NPC Pictures, Voices Added by the Engineers Update and the different Stations interiors and further refinement is toping that in the new one.

As for the Bugs: Yeah, its Annoying.

I whish they fix more of them before releasing new updates. But they want to bundle this. A lot of things were refined in the 2.2 Beta now. They definitely working on the game and not just on the new features.

All in all boath games aren't this different.

Both are not really finished and have still a lot to do.

But Elite i can play now with my actual Commander,

(And yes its more expensive to keep up with the seasons while i do it. But i could also wait the same amount of time as it takes SC to be released and would have paid way less.)

Star Citizen is still only an Alpha without a progress.

I guess we only can judge the games when they are finished / not developed on anymore.

I would guess at this point they will be not this much different.

(Although technically SC will be a good amount ahead of ED, because they just have way more money developing.)

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Malakie commented on
1 Year ago
The best space games on PCThe best space games on PC
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How about the entire Egosoft X2/X3 series? Geez if you want to get into space, that has to be on the list...
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Malakie commented on
1 Year ago
We reckon we've got Endless Space 2's faction design contest sewn upWe reckon we've got Endless Space 2's faction design contest sewn up
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Why are they using Star Citizen/Squadron 42 screenshots for this article?
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Malakie commented on
2 Years ago
XCOM 2 hands-on: 15 hours with Firaxis' return to the unknownXCOM 2 hands-on: 15 hours with Firaxis' return to the unknown
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Looking forward to it.. although I am NOT a fan of timer based crap...
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