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3 Weeks ago
Overwatch's Play of the Game system has not been patented (yet)Overwatch's Play of the Game system has not been patented (yet)
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Actually, all this is the patent application, it has not been granted yet.

With how the US Patent office works, Blizzard did file their application in 2016, but it takes about a year and some change for that to be checked for all the basic filing fees, etc. before it is published. The patent is still being examined, which nowadays can be anywhere from 2 to 4 years if not longer.

Blizzard can't bring any patent-infringement charges to anyone at this time, but this means that if other companies wanted to patent their "play of the game" system, they'd have to face this as prior art, regardless if it does get awarded a patent or not.Reply
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Thanks for pointing this out - we've updated the story to reflect those points.

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