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4 Months ago
The Witcher 4 release date, news, trailer, story - everything we knowThe Witcher 4 release date, news, trailer, story - everything we know
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Man i finished witcher 3 still got hearts of stone 20% to complete and whole blood and wine. I was just wondering can they make a game about when Geralt was travelling with Ciri as she was becoming a witcher? Because in the quest log if you read the last mission at the end it says something like if you were wondering what happened during that time it's compeletly diffrent story to tell. Maybe we won't lose Geralt and Ciri? I really hope so. And beefore you say i know there's diffrent endings but the game would depend on the ending you choose and if Ciri was lost than she just somehow comes back because it's not 100% that she died during the bad ending. Anyway this is the best game ever I love it so much. Thanks for the anwsers.Reply
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That's a really nice tease - I completely missed that! Also a very cool idea, I'd really like to play a Witcher game with a younger Ciri. Unfortunately, all indications point towards Geralt not coming back, or at least not for a long time. You've also got loads to look forward to with the DLC: Hearts of Stone is one of the best Witcher stories ever and Blood and Wine is also excellent. We did a few features recently to celebrate the first game's 10th anniversary, so be sure to give them a read:

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