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Ali Jones responded to Shadow Thruster comment in
5 Days ago
League of Legends patch 7.19: Azir and Xin Zhao updates, and Beekeeper SingedLeague of Legends patch 7.19: Azir and Xin Zhao updates, and Beekeeper Singed
Shadow Thruster Avatar
Hey. I won't be picky about "What order of words sounds right to me", because it's still understandable. However, because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I'd like to point out some mistypes, and then ask some questions.
First, it's Azir's "W - Arise!", where you typed "Grants azir an additional 20.30/40/50/60% attack speed". I'd like to point out the "20.30", place of mistype (Also, if you're into it, honor the emperor of Shurima with a capital - Azir);
On Janna's "W - Zephyr" it says "Cooldown increased to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds from 12 seconds at all ranks.", when it would make more sense to say "decreased to", or in case it doesn't sound right, "changed to";
Last, on Veigar's "W - Dark Matter" you put a capital letter too much, leaving it as "Dark MAtter" on the buff note.
Sorry once again if I sound picky or too perfectionist, I know it can be annoying to be corrected by some random dude.

For the questions. I'm not on pair with what's going on on PBE directly, but I see some videos and watch your site. From a video from youtuber "Redmercy" I learned that Janna's W would only be nerfed at early levels, and that Vayne's W would have an increase of 2% true damage. Is it just the info I saw on the video slightly outdated?
Thanks for taking your time once again.
Ali Jones Avatar

Hi there,

Thanks again for your feedback - those should all be fixed now.

As for your questions, we get our information on a daily basis as changes are made on the PBE, and we report it here every time a change is made. I'm not particularly familiar with Redmercy, but from what I can tell, if he puts out a video every patch, his information is likely to be slightly out of date, based on the delay between getting the information and releasing the video (for example, I see his Patch 7.19 video was released three days ago - there have already been two PBE changes since then, and likely three changes since he sourced his information).

However, while we simply report the numbers as they currently are, Redmercy might make slightly make slightly more of a guess about how those numbers might affect a champion at various stages of the game, which means that any calculations or speculation on his part could be accurate at the time he makes his video.

I hope that answers some of your questions.

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Ali Jones responded to Shadow Thruster comment in
3 Weeks ago
League of Legends patch 7.18: Prepare for Worlds 2017League of Legends patch 7.18: Prepare for Worlds 2017
Shadow Thruster Avatar
I've been seeing this site to satisfy my curiosity of what's coming for next patch, and so far it never let me down. However, in this point of time, I detected two misstypes. One was at the Nerf to Elise's E-Rappel, where you accidentally typed "Cooldown increaded to 26/24/22/20/*28*, intead of *18*. The other one is the buff to Ornn's ultimate ability, Call of the Forge God, where you typed "Co0ldown".

I kind of sound like a (wanna-be) corrector, but I just wanted to help you make the informations (at least on the LoL patch notes) perfect.
Ali Jones Avatar

I've made those changes - thanks for your feedback!

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