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1 Year ago
The maddest gaming stories of 2015The maddest gaming stories of 2015
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Am I the only one that thinks Derek Smart is partially, if not fully, right? We let companies get away with shit like that and that's how EA does what it does. Then when EA does it (cause everyone already hates them) then they remember to "rise up".

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Derek Smart is just the greatest joke in the video-game-industry...just google his history and get ready to laugh

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2 Years ago
You can play Star Citizen's Arena Commander module without spending a penny until August 19thYou can play Star Citizen's Arena Commander module without spending a penny until August 19th
dsmart3000AD Avatar
After raising $86m, releasing this crap to the public makes sense, since it's unlikely any sane gamer will buy it now.

Wonder why the control scheme sucks? Here's why:


Meanwhile, back at the hive..


Only the whales - you know, the folks who forked out $350 for 1000 virtual ships for a game that does NOT yet exist during GC2015 - are doing that now.


Yeah, we're all doing it wrong, apparently.


Meanwhile, these White Knights keep pointing at an indie game, in Alpha, and laughing. We'll see who has the last laugh. Just wait and see.
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