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1 Week ago
Intel Core i7 8700K review: Coffee Lake beats Ryzen, but proves games don't care for coresIntel Core i7 8700K review: Coffee Lake beats Ryzen, but proves games don't care for cores
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You lying bastards! Ryzen 7 1800X - even overclocked to 4GHz! - DOES NOT consume 200W+. I've got pictures to PROVE it. More than that, that number is 64W over the maximum calculable value for a 4.0GHZ OC. Do the math: OC Wattage = TDP * (OC MHz/Stock MHz)*(OC Voltage/Stock Voltage)^2 = ~140W . Reality? My tests show 132W peak, all cores+all threads+all memory maxed out usage. I don't know where you are getting your numbers, but you're obviously telling blatant lies. Whoever wrote this article should be fired after immediately printing a retraction apologizing for your blatant corporate shilling and telling obvious and easily disproven lies. IN ADDITION, no one out there except you guys are getting idle temps for a Ryzen 7 1800X (even on really shoddy air cooling) at 61*C and load temps at 83*C. Literally, you guys are the only ones. My own 1800X on air idled at 36*C and load temps @ 73*C after an hour of Prime95 and AIDA64. Again, I don't know where in the hell you got your information, but it clearly was pulled straight out of your asses. And yes, I'd be just as pissed off if you misrepresented anything Intel did as well - which I am, because you have by misrepresenting the competition, you jackasses - because it's absolutely abhorrent to mislead the public the way you have here. You owe everyone an apology for 1 of only 2 reasons for such a heinous oversight: Incompetence on your part, or outright lying in favor of Intel because you were paid to. There really aren't any other explanations.Reply
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The other explanation could be that we use platform power draw to measure that side of things. And the thermal information came from AMD's Ryzen Master utility.

Thanks for reading.

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