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SpagBol replied to 10 questions on the Planet Coaster Review
5 Months ago
Planet Coaster review snippet Would you buy at full price or wait for a Planet Coaster sale?
Even at full price this is a good value game, in my experience Frontier don't do that many sales, at least none of the huge 50%-75% steam sales we often see.
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SpagBol commented on
6 Months ago
How good are the sounds in Redirection?
The sounds are perfect for the game, sort of smooth 8bit, nice to have in the background to calm you down while pulling your hair out.
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Scrub that, think stargate atlantis or Star Trek voyager is closer to the feel
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SpagBol replied to 8 questions on the Redirection Review
6 Months ago
Redirection review snippet How funny is Redirection?
The humour is subtle and quite british, think of late 90s sci fi. Some bits remind me of the style of the early space quest (I & II) games.
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Tim Edwards responded to SpagBol's comment in
1 Year ago
Blood Bowl 2 pre-order beta begins with a chorus of crushed bonesBlood Bowl 2 pre-order beta begins with a chorus of crushed bones
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Got to be the dark elves for me, very similar to other elves but a bit punchier at the expense of some "elf bullsh1t" as it's known as. So tempted to preorder but so saddened about the pre-order bonusReply
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