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2 Years ago
The best Star Wars games on PCThe best Star Wars games on PC
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I liked SWG, not going to lie but it had far greater issues than NGE. It had one of the most absurd grouping "systems" in probably any mmo I've played(at least up to *that* point in time). I remember it pissing me off so much that I literally rage quit and never turned back. What was so wrong with it? There was something about joining a group and playing some sort of solo-quest/mission type of game and flying cows forbid that you followed someone during it - they'd rage harder than a LoL player... That really killed it for me, beside that it was a really fun and deep game, with one of the most crazy macro systems I've ever seen in a mmo, at that point you could basically make a bot - in the game, legitimately!

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People raged at you for following them because you were following somebody in a solo questing group and leeching their experience by being near them. Those groups were for people who wanted to quest alone but wanted the higher level missions the terminal gave you for being in a group.

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