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Destiny 2 guide - tips for Guardians starting their loot-filled adventuresDestiny 2 guide - tips for Guardians starting their loot-filled adventures
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"An engram’s stats are based upon your power level at time of decoding."
I'm pretty sure this isn't correct - Engrams have their level set the moment they drop, not when you decode them. Bungie have specifically said that they changed the way this worked, to avoid people having to save all their engrams until later.

In addition, you don't even need to wear all your highest level items, as the game will determine your highest possible light level based on all equipment you own, across all characters.Reply
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Luminous engrams adjust to your power at the point of being decoded, and blues and below auto-decode as soon as they drop, but you make an important point about legendaries and exotics. We'll make an edit!

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