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State of Decay 2 PC review: bugs hold back refined zombie bashingState of Decay 2 PC review: bugs hold back refined zombie bashing
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You say that, "Like the original game, death in State of Decay 2 is less about zombies and more about the hundreds of seemingly mundane decisions you must make to resist oblivion for one more day. " This is precisely what makes both the original and the new game so annoying. It takes the absolute worst aspects of squad based FPS games and enhances them to an extreme degree, because now you have to manage not just one squad, but entire communities. I like Z games, not Zzzzzzzzz games.Reply
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I understand what you mean and the tasks you need to complete are, on the face of it, quite boring. But, when things go wrong and you have to risk members of your squad to get medicine and food, it is pretty satisfying.

That said, if the first game wasn't for you, this certainly won't be, either.

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