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Quake Champions' gameplay trailer looks sufficiently Quakish

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A Quake Champions trailer has just come out of QuakeCon and you can watch its arena-style, old school shooting in action above. 

Will it be good enough to join our list of the best first-person shooters?

The trailer has everything you would expect from Quake: rockets, rocket jumps, gibs galore, speed, rail guns, bounce pads and tight arenas of death. 

I asked resident shooter man Ben "Shoot The Mens" Barrett what he thought about the trailer and he said, "I hate the railgun model, but the jumping is nice." So there you have it. 

Quake is going back to basics, delivering arena combat with no loadouts and no limit to what guns you can carry. It's all about fast, precise shooting and slick movement while carrying around piles of guns. 

Quake Champions will be going into closed beta in 2017, so you'll be able to try it out at 120hz some time next year. 

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Empyre avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Empyre Avatar
1 Year ago

That eye in the centre of the room is a nice centre piece to fight over.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I just wish it was a single player game and it had the clever level design of Quake. Doom '16 was a bit of a disappointment, and not eve for the gore or any silliness that anyone might like to project over my actual dislike. It was that the level design of Doom '16 was tired and dull. And sadly, I wast too smart to appreciate it's dumb, visceral, physical appeal.

What made those games great was level design, seems like everyone's forgotten that. It was exceptional level design, with great secrets, clever bits, puzzles, and what have you. One example being the horseshoe approach where one can see the end of the level from the beginning though they can't get there, and they can choose to expend ammo trying to clear the area from a distance before they reach it or hold onto their ammo for the coming challenges, meaning more of a challenge at the very end.

Choices like that in gameplay made games more interesting. Doom '16 had none of that. It was corridor -> arena -> corridor -> arena, and so on. It's not like I couldn't appreciate Doom '16 aesthetically or anything, not at all. I could see how much effort they put into it, but I could see that with Doom III as well, which is what Doom '16 reminds me most of. It's not a bad game, aesthetically. It's just not a particularly engaging game to play. It feels kind of like an iPhone endless runner, with a gun. It doesn't appreciate the non-linearity and thoughtful design of levels. If your levels are 100 per cent linear, you're missing the point.

The whole point of a level is to create a small, hand-designed area with obstacles to pass and different paths to traverse, which may be made easier or more difficult based upon what you've done. Old 3D platformers really understood this, too. Even the Yooka-Laylee toybox gets this. It's why I prefer levels over open worlds, which are more procedurally generated in their feel, and allow players to trivialise everything as obstacles, paths, and choices (beyond walk South or East) are anathema to open world design.

Quake had really clever level design. You'll have to play it all to remember just how clever. I have trouble with it because of the damn dogs. They sound too much like real dogs. I managed to get past that though by just removing their sound files. I wish I'd thought of that, sooner, but it still doesn't sit well with me. The humans don't sound human, after all. Unless humans go 'RARGH,' and 'BLERGH' when shot. The humans make things feel much more arcadey. The dogs, however, are too real.

No one ever really thinks of animals or violence against animals, though. Just humans. Which is fascinating. Does no one keep a dog any more?

And yeees, I know they're rabid. But those sounds, man. Those sounds.

Where was I?

Oh, right. I like Quake. Great level design. I miss great level design. It was great 3D level design that makes me get all swoony over the '90s and early '00s. It's something that's lost. And that can happen, talk to any artist. They'll tell you about periods of their life where they lost a particular method and their work wasn't as good before they remembered it again. Great level design is like that.

In this push toward fidelity and open worlds, we lost great level design. And it's not nostalgia, either. If it was, I'd be nostalgic for Pong, the Atari, and the ZX Spectrum, as opposed to anything quite as recent as the mid '90s to the early '00s. It just happened to be my favourite era of gaming. Look at Batman: Arkham Asylum compared to Batman: Arkham Knight.

What does the Batmobile or the open world really do for the game other than make it worse? It's just a bunch of brainless filler where nothing really happens and there's no player agency to speak of beyond 'kill thing.'

Whereas figuring out a secret path in Arkham Asylum based upon Riddler hints was actually the player doing something. It was player agency. I'm very much a huge fan of that. And Quake had player agency in spades. A cleverly placed barrel that you can shoot to cause a chain reaction of explosions in a room. It reminds me of that thing in the Sabbat warehouse in Bloodlines where you can shoot a generator near a water tower, which then explodes and comically falls on the guy. "Oops."

I'm not against violence, per se. But these days it seems like it's all about training people to be good snipers, or to enjoy getting up close to people and showing them their own guts. It's about the violence, rather than it being about the game, or the fun of being clever. See: Doom '16.

That's why I really wish there was a new single player Quake, or even a co-op one, with cleverly designed levels that result in player agency. As in there's a hoar of creatures coming out of that mineshaft, but look! That shaft there has cracks in it and if you shoot it it might cause a cave-in that'll block their path of ingress! You don't have to fight them now, 'cause yer clever!

I miss that.

But ho-hum. More games focused on violence, sniping heads, showing people their guts and all. Nice for those who like it. But I miss what was really great about Quake. And Doom. Lost art, I guess, in a lot of ways.

But maybe it has a chance to make a comeback, now?

Edit: What do you prefer? Shoot man in face with fireball? Or... you're in a temple, and there's a trap in front of you and a sniper perch above, and some close quarters combat fighters ready to cut you up. So you sneak up to the sniper perch, and you kick off the guy with the bow, who then lands on the trap and springs it causing fire jets to shoot up from the ground and roast the other adversaries?

I miss clever level design. :C I miss the agency to be clever. Quake had that. Bloodlines had that. A number of games from that era did. All seeing Quake does is make me just... miss it.